Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and THANK YOU to all of you!!


its been a very long time, and I have made several decisions regarding OUR journey together, in track, in life, in this road to self-actualization that created this blog, among many other things.

First I have to say THANK YOU:

  • To all of you that cheered me all the way through the finish line,
  • To all the supporters in the US, Jamaica, and across the world that believe in me still,
  • To every friend and family member that went through the heartache with me in the national stadium this June,
  • And to everyone else that had their doubts, you give me drive to continue my journey to RIO 2016!

So there is good news and bad news:

Good News:
I will not give up on my lifelong passion. I have a long term goal to make the 2016 Olympic Team, and even though the path is treacherous, and will be even harder than 2012, but its just a part of who I am. I have no choice but to follow my heart. The good news is that life will be going back to normal in a way, having a work/life balance, instead of stopping everything else in life for this.

This is a good thing. Balance is what I was missing, and balance is what will make the difference.

Bad News:
I will no longer be blogging my journey. As much as I love the blog, and love all of you supporting me, the format will be changing going forward. I will not have the time to post my insightful, deep worded posts anymore, complete with pictures and the like lol.

Seriously tho – I have decided to convert this site into a more traditional website, complete with a section for buying BeBetter TSHIRTS, Buy-BeBetter-Logo-small-2and making donations! There will be a video section for all those that loved my videos of the past, and lastly a brand new section… input from YOU on what the BeBetter concept should become!


So farewell from this blog as you know it, and thank you a million times again for how far you brought me, and how much I have accomplished because of YOU!!

Jabari Ennis (JAM)2012-08-07 17.23.25